Coconite Premium Charcoal 1KG (2.2LB) - 72 Cubes

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PREMIUM QUALITY: COCONITE Premium Charcoal is 100% natural and is made from coconut shells that typically last 3 times longer than other coals. Environmentally friendly, our hookah charcoal is manufactured in Indonesia. Odorless and produces less than 2.5% ash contents. Chemical free, spark and sulfur free as well. Comes in 72 cubic-cut pieces in a 1KG box.

EASY ON THE ENVIRONMENT: Not a single tree was cut to make this product. It does not contain chemicals and sulfur. Absolutely Home friendly. It is odorless and stainless (less than 2.5% ashen) and does not spark. It is time friendly. It burns quickly. Party lover: If you are party lover and have extra fun with hookah or hookah, go to COCONITE to provide longer burning time. Tasteless, so enjoy the flavors! Important: Don't use as long as the color does not shine Hookah Coals Charcoal Coconut

HEALTHY USE: It is the first class hookah charcoal produced from 100% coconut shell. It does not harm human health. Since it does not contain gunpowder, it does not miss the taste of hookah tobacco. Thanks to its cubic design, you will not have difficulty holding and placing it. The approximate duration of the coals can vary from 60 to 90 minutes.

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